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Leadership Roles

Southside has an Elder Board which governs with congregational input, and a leadership composed of Elders and Deacons along with those men recognized as aspiring to those offices.

We use the terms Pastor and Elder interchangeably and see them as the same office and function. We hold to a pluralistic Eldership with each man fully qualified in the office and performing the role of an Elder/Pastor, yet we also benefit from each man's gifting by God in specific areas.

Our Deacons are not seen just as godly men who are servants in the congregation, but as those who are also leaders in the church and able to be "put in charge over" various aspects of the service oriented ministry of the church. This combination of godly qualities and leadership abilities helps to lift the burden from the Elders of the church and facilitates greater ministry by the congregation.

We take the appointment to these offices very seriously and employ extensive review and testing to ensure a man meets the Biblical qualifications for each office.